Winter Trails Program Updates

Over the summer and fall we have been working on a complete redesign of Winter Trails Month beginning with analyzing the current strengths and weaknesses of the program and making adjustments to make it more relevant in the current marketplace. Throughout this process we have been thinking a lot about the future of snow sports, barriers to entry for participants, and what has worked well for hosts over the last few years.

Some key changes that were made to the program include:

Changing the initiative name from “Winter Trails” to “Winter Trails Month”
Removing the categorization of affiliate vs. anchor sites and simply having host sites.
Encouraging a broader range of winter sports and activities at each Winter Trails Month event, instead of just XC skiing and snowshoeing, to appeal to a broader audience.
Adding a “Create-your-own Winter Trails event” component to the initiative by encouraging participants to create their own winter trails outdoor adventure if they are unable to make it to an event.
Incorporating more social media into Winter Trails Month by revamping our Facebook, Instagram, and twitter sites, and asking host sites to use these social media tools as well. #wintertrailsmonth
We are also currently in the process of creating a new design layout of our website, as well as developing new and improved host tools, such as a winter trails toolkit and a winter trails social media guide. More information soon.

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