Interested In Hosting A Winter Trails Month Event?

Winter Trails Month Hosts hold their own Winter Trails Month event during a day or weekend in January. Although events vary in size and scope, each host finds their own fun and engaging ways to provide an introduction to winter sports and activities.

Winter Trails is a program that has a proven track record for attracting NEW participants to snow sports. It offers consumers a way to try a snow sport that is easy to learn, a great activity to enjoy with friends and family and an excellent means of getting exercise while being outdoors in the winter.  The introductory vehicles are snowshoes and cross country skis, two of the simplest snow sports to achieve a base level of accomplishment.

Details of the program are as follows:

  1. The event spans the month of January, a month long format allowing event sites to choose the day or days to host an event.  Your event can remain a single day or be a month long offering or anything in between.  This gives the host sites a tremendous amount of flexibility.
  2. The event can be free or you may offer it at a reduced cost.  This again will provide flexibility and a great incentive to resorts to maximize your efforts.

In addition to introducing new people to snow sports, Winter Trails offers a great opportunity to increase exposure of your business to individuals and groups new to snow sports. Your event will receive regional and local visibility though a variety of promotional efforts by the national organizer including visibility, press releases, and much more.  Please also understand that the success of your event will increase with additional outreach made by you.

To successfully host a Winter Trails event we ask that you:

  • Make all or part of your demo fleet of cross country skis and/or snowshoes available to the Winter Trails program for all or part of the event day.
  • Provide a simple introductory lesson for cross country skiers during the event.
  • Ask attendees to complete the WT release form and send them to SIA after the event.
  • Add any local fun you can.

Feel free to customize your event to fit your needs.  You may limit the availability to certain hours, charge a nominal fee, ask participants to pre-register, or limit participation on a first come first served basis.

A properly executed Winter Trails event will be very beneficial to your business beyond just the month of January.  If participants enjoy themselves, they will return in the future and become loyal and full paying customers.  Remember, hosting an event is also a great way to reach out to schools and other local groups to introduce larger numbers of individuals to snow sports.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Reese at or 802-236-3021.

To sign-up for the program, please complete the Winter Trails Sign Up Form below.

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